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Sweet Energies

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Web Store

Remote Energy Session - 60 Minutes


Relax and receive energy work in your own home. All of Stacy's sessions are being conducted remotely during the pandemic. Her experience has been that her intuitive skills are heightened and the work goes deeper when working remotely.

Energy work can be quite effective from a distance. A session will include a general balancing of your energies and tuning in to your specific issues. You will be given self-care tools to continue the work on your own. It takes time to retrain your energies, so several sessions may be necessary, but anything is possible!

Distance sessions are conducted on Zoom, by phone, or by arranging a time and checking in after the work has been done.  Let's talk and see what works best for you!

Would you prefer Zoom, Phone or Silent session? Please give me your best contact information and we will arrange a time.

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